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5 Crucial Points to Know Before Starting a Dispensary

 While there may be impressions that cannabis business owners are cashing in on this business, the start-up costs make the reality of opening a dispensary hard.

American states have legalized the sale of cannabis for medical and recreational use for people aged 21 and above.

Starting a cannabis business can be tough for budding entrepreneurs interested in opening a cannabis dispensary.

Look for a dispensary near me and have a talk with the owner about the business for more insights.

You need to know if you’re legally compliant to operate such a business. If you happen to visit Las Vegas visit the department of taxation.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the factors you need to consider when opening a dispensary.

  • Location

Like any other business, a location is an important factor to put in mind when opening a business.

Whether you want to start a recreational dispensary like the dispensary Las Vegas or a medical dispensary, finding a good location for your cannabis dispensary business can be harder than you might think.

Every state has its own legal zoning laws on where cannabis dispensaries should be located. For example, you can’t open up these dispensaries near schools, hospitals, churches, arcades, or parks.

  • License

Applying for a license for any business can be as easy as filling a form and wait for your license.

Cannabis dispensary business license application is expensive, has thorough background checks, and time-consuming.

Licensing laws depend on various states. States like Las Vegas have annual renewal fees costing $ 5,000, initial application $5,000, and $ 30,000 initial licensure fees.

  • Marketing and Advertising

A marketing plan forms an integral part of your business.

What’s the aim of opening a business and people don’t know if it exists. Come up with a great marketing strategy to boost sales.

Take advantage of online marketing tools found online. This may not need much capital. But if you invest in experts such as digital marketing agencies, know this will increase your annual marketing fees.

  • Rental Fees

Depending on your preferred location and state’s rental fees, these fees may vary from $ 4,000 to $10,000 a month.

If your choice of location is centrally located, you’ll need permission from the landlord who may be skeptical about leasing out their premises to cannabis dispensary business owners.

Consider your budget before you decide on renting, ensure you’ve some money saved up in your account.

  • Business Plan

A business plan will determine if your business is worth investing in for the investors.

Craft a business plan that will showcase a strong competitive advantage, your goals, strategies, and objectives.

Address critical areas to focus on such as execution, company structure, financial plan, security, compliance, etc.


If you want to have a thriving dispensary business, following the above steps will help you create a clear path for your business.

Do your research well and adhere to all laws in your state about this business.

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