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A Complete Guide to Measles Vaccine

Viral communicable diseases are hard to diagnose and treat. No medicine can kill the virus because of its dual behavior. This is why vaccination is the best way to contain viral diseases or protect oneself. With advanced medical science, it has become possible for doctors or other medical professionals to administer different types of vaccinations against seasonal and life-threatening diseases.

One such vaccine that has gained huge importance recently is the measles vaccine. Measles is a viral disease that spreads through the air. The virus is usually present in tapeworms living in the stomach of pigs. When they come in contact with a human, the person gets infected. The virus is transferred to others through mucus droplets when sneezing or coughing. As the infection rate is quite high, everyone must get the vaccine on time.

In this below article, we have put forth a complete guide on measles vaccination to make you more aware of its effectiveness.

Who needs the measles vaccine?

Measles or MMR vaccination is crucial for almost everyone, especially babies and children. If you are unaware of the rules and regulations, the following detail will give you the necessary clarity.

  1. Babies and children need to be vaccinated for measles without fail. Due to a weak immune system, they are at higher risk of developing the infection. Most doctors administer the first dose between 12 months to 15 months of age. There should be a minimum gap of 3 months before giving the second dose. However, doctors give the second dose between 4 years to 6 years of age.
  2. Adults: You can get the MMR vaccine only up to 12 years of age. So, if you haven’t got the second dose or any dose, you should visit your doctor and get a suitable time for vaccination.

Is the measles vaccine effective?

The effectiveness of any vaccine is highly controversial. When you are vaccinated, your body receives weakened or dead measles virus. As an antigen is present in the bloodstream, your body will trigger the immune system to identify the viral behavior, target areas, and so on.

In response to the foreign particles, the immune system produces antibodies. These are nothing but protein bodies that reach the site of infection in a snap. Through the different biological processes, they gulp down the virus, eliminating any remnant of the infectious microbe.

Now, when your body again senses the same antigen, your immune system will trigger the production of antibodies. Since it already has the details, the immune system won’t take too long to establish the protective barrier.

What to do if a measles vaccine dose is missed?

If you have missed a measle vaccine dose, consult your doctor about the same. They will schedule the appointment according to certain factors, like your health condition, availability, etc.


Since there is a measles vaccination, people must become more aware of the same. This way, they can keep their babies and themselves safe. Plus, when an individual is vaccinated, the spread of the disease can be controlled.

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