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Am I Going To Receive Insurance Coverage For My Drug And Alcohol Rehab?

YES! You are going to receive insurance coverage for drug and alcohol rehab. The dark truth about the rehab program is the expensive costs. Mostly, half of the sufferers are unable to receive medical assistance just because of the costs. Rehabs can be expensive medical care facilities to get access to, but with the help of medical insurance, you can get the coverage cost for your rehab program. ACA- Affordable Care Act has listed Drug and Alcohol rehab in the list of 1 to 10 essential health benefit services.

Almost every insurance plan and policy in the market involves drug and alcohol rehab insurance. We are living in a progressive world. Thus people understand the trauma of suffering from any mental illnesses or addiction. Thus you can receive the insurance costs for both. Due to strict measures imposed by the authorities, any insurance company cannot deny coverage of pre-existing conditions, which means this liberty enables you to apply for health insurance. No matter which recovery stage you are in, you are eligible to seek health insurance and start your treatment.

Which Expenses are Covered in the Drug Rehab Insurance Coverage?

  • Inpatient rehab treatment
  • Outpatient rehab treatment
  • Detoxification treatment
  • Psychotherapy

1.    Inpatient Rehab Treatment:

As the name suggests, inpatient rehab treatment demands you stay in a rehab facility for treatment. During this treatment, you will go through the process of detox, therapy, counseling, medications, and aftercare planning.

2.    Outpatient Rehab Treatment:

Outpatient rehab treatment doesn’t ask a patient to reside in the rehab facility. If your doctor and practitioners decide that you can take treatment from home, then you can go back to your normal routine.

3.    Detoxification Rehab Treatment:

Detoxification is the process where your body is detoxed from the remaining substance of drugs. This process can either be done by choosing either mode of treatment, i.e., outpatient rehab treatment or inpatient rehab treatment. Most of the time, you will be asked to reside in the residential building of rehab.

4.    Psychotherapy:

Psychotherapy is one of the most important parts of a rehab program. It prepares your mind and rewires your behavioral pattern. This step will help you to go to the root cause of your addiction and will work on the same.

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