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How Much Does Sylfirm X Treatment Procedure Cost?

Men, and women, alike desire to have radiant, youthful, and flawless skin. The market is filled with multiple advanced tools and treatment techniques for rendering porcelain skin. The reality is no one can deliver the results that people desire or wish. Thanks to the FDA registered dual-wave RF micro needling system, known as Sylfirm X, achieving skin rejuvenation goals is not challenging anymore. As a revolutionary skin treatment tool, it has taken the cosmetic world by storm. Before seeking the treatment, it is important to know about the sylfirm x cost, benefits, and the working mechanism.

Financing Factors

Sylfirm X treatments are executed better and faster with RP micro needling. The procedure is non-invasive, and involves minimal discomfort. Furthermore, there is no downtime and the outcomes will be visible immediately in certain cases.

Standalone or Packaged Treatment

It is an elective aesthetic treatment procedure that is not covered by the insurance provider. During the pre-treatment consultation, it is recommended to seek an estimated cost and get an idea. The expense mainly depends on whether it is a standalone treatment or a combination with any other skin and hair rejuvenation package.

Variable Influencing Factors

Furthermore, the price is also influenced by other factors like:

  • The degree of skin or hair damage
  • The required number of treatment sessions
  • The size of the treatment area

Location of the Treatment Facility

The total amount of sylfirm x cost is also influenced by the location of the treatment center or facility. Facilities that are situated in the heart of metropolitan locations charge more when compared to smaller towns.

Safety Practices

The cost of the treatment also varies because of the safety protocols and measures followed by the board-certified professionals. Furthermore, the qualifications of the professionals involved, the quality of patient care, and the technology used also influence the cost of the treatment.

Sylfirm X Versus Plastic Surgery and Other Treatments

When Sylfirm X is compared with plastic surgery procedure, the former is way more cost-effective. Plastic surgeries involve a variety of elements like pre-surgical and post-surgical costs, the expense of surgical room, surgeon’s cost, anesthesia expenses, and multiple other costs. On the contrary, Sylfirm X is an outpatient treatment process.

There is no need for any anesthesia and surgical rooms for Sylfirm X treatment. Moreover, it is studied that Sylfirm X treatment costs are less or equal to other treatments like chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, facial filler procedures, microdermabrasion, and others. All such procedures are excellent solutions for skin rejuvenation, but better results are obtained via Sylfirm X.


Sylfirm X RF micro needling has emerged as a reliable proven, and effective treatment for improving the quality of skin and hair. The non-invasive procedure addresses imperfections like aging, loose and sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture, and serious skin conditions like Rosacea, and Melasma. Because insurance is not available for such outpatient treatment procedures, it is recommended to get hold of all the information regarding the sylfirm x cost. The benefits of the advanced treatment procedure are paramount. Thus, investing money for a couple of sessions or more is worth it.

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