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Should You Start Working Out At Home?

Amid this pandemic, it is more essential than ever to move every day, especially if you’ve noticed that sedentary days are wreaking havoc on your neck and lower back. Working out doesn’t have to mean going out, it’s possible to find creative ways to cross-train safely.

If you’re starting something new and don’t quite know what you’re getting into, we recommend getting the assistance of a certified personal trainer from Fitlov, who best fits your needs and goals. The best part is that they’ll come to you, wherever and whenever you want!

Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll need to get started and the advantages of working out at home:

What Do You Need To Get Started?

  • When you set up a bare-bones home gym, make sure you have ample space to move, so ideally at least 4 to 6 feet of space where you can extend your limbs far enough.
  • If you are interested in taking virtual classes, and your space is 8 feet long and 6 feet wide, you can do almost all exercises and the trainer will be able to see you head-on, slightly turned, and horizontally to help you learn good form.
  • In addition, you will need a soft surface, such as a mat if you have one, or you can use a carpet or rug.
  • Towels and chairs can help you perform more exercises, such as towel rows or triceps dips off a chair.
  • You could grab a few sets of dumbbells on either end of the spectrum (light and heavy), a resistance band with handles, and some mini bands (to put around your legs) to get the most out of your workout.

Why Should You Consider Working Out At Home?

It’s Safer

With the ongoing pandemic and social distancing measures in place, it’s much safer to work out in the comfort of your home. All the cardio equipment, benches, weights, and even the floors in commercial gyms can be contaminated with germs. At home, you at least know who has used the equipment and can maintain its cleanliness.

You’ll Save Money

Depending on how much equipment you’ll need, working out at home should be a big money saver over the long haul. The popularity of bodyweight-only workouts makes it easy to work out for free since you don’t need any equipment. You’ll also save on gym memberships and the cost of transport, allowing you to invest in a professional personal trainer.

It Saves Time

You can choose workouts that are convenient for your schedule, and you’ll also save time driving to and from the gym, checking in, changing in the locker room, and waiting for equipment. Often, all of this will take longer than your actual workout!

The choice of whether to join a gym or work out at home depends a lot on your personal preferences and your budget, but now is a great time to try out something different. With the help of a personal trainer, you can do it all, from building endurance to increasing strength to burning calories to control your weight, from the comfort of your own home.

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