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What Are The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction affects millions of men around the world. Men are justifiably embarrassed when they have problems with their erections. A large percentage of men suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. It is estimated that as many as 30 million men in the United States have erectile dysfunctions.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction are quite varied. In general, these symptoms would include persistent: difficulty getting or sustaining an erection sufficient to participate in sexual intercourse. Trouble maintaining an erection. Poor sensation and control over the genital area. A feeling of incomplete prior to, during and after sexual activity.

A physical exam by your family physician or a specialist should be able to help rule out physical causes for erectile dysfunction. If a physical cause can not be established, your doctor may want to perform tests such as blood count, serum chemistry, prostate specific antigen test, CT scan or MRI. In order to rule out psychological causes of ED, a psychologist will conduct interviews or have you come in for a few hours to talk about your sex life and recent events. Your doctor will ask questions about your relationship, current job, medications, any previous illnesses, if you smoke, alcohol, recreational drugs use, whether you have had any strokes or brain damage and if you have any underlying medical conditions. Your physician will also want to know about your hobbies and any athletic activity. For the psychological factors, your doctor will also likely look at your family medical history, your history of depression, substance abuse, sexual assault and relationship history.

There are several ways in which you can treat the psychological factors that may lead to the onset of erectile dysfunction. The most common treatments for ED include psychotherapy, lifestyle changes, medication and surgery. With psychotherapy, your physician will help you change both your thoughts and your behaviors that may be leading to ED. In addition, there are medicines, specifically anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicines that can be used to treat the physical aspects of the disorder.

In some instances, lifestyle changes and medication may be all that are necessary. In other cases, a thorough physical exam by your physician may be enough to rule out any underlying causes. For example, if a neurological problem or vascular condition is present, neurological examination is necessary. When there are no neurological issues, you can then turn to lifestyle changes, including avoiding alcohol and other substances that relax the nerves and maintain an erectile dysfunction diet.

If you are experiencing erection problems but do not need a medical evaluation to determine the underlying cause, you may want to try a few of the tips above. This will allow you to slowly work toward a diagnosis and to find the most comfortable and effective treatment plan. You may also find that these tips are enough to solve your particular problem. On the other hand, if you are experiencing other symptoms like fatigue, sleep disturbance or nerve compression, it is important to determine the root cause. This can lead to a more effective treatment course.

If you have been suffering from erectile dysfunction for any length of time, then you know how frustrating it can be. You can’t have sex and you want to do everything possible to get some relief. You are not alone and millions of men worldwide suffer from this embarrassing condition and millions more turn to the internet for help.

In this article, I am going to touch on a few of the many causes of erectile dysfunction. What most people don’t realize is that erectile dysfunction is just a symptom of a much bigger problem. What are these bigger problems? Well, we are talking about low self-esteem and insecurity, low testosterone levels, lack of confidence and low libido. Let me run through some of these causes one at a time.

Depression – There are a number of different reasons why someone might be suffering from depression. Sometimes, it is because of something that has happened to them. Sometimes, it is because of something that they have gone through in their life. Anytime that someone is depressed, they need to consider a variety of psychological factors as well.

Blood Pressure &cholesterol – These two factors often play a large role in the development of erectile dysfunction. Many times, high blood pressure and cholesterol will lead to erectile dysfunction as well. Sometimes, both of these conditions will be present at the same time. If either of these are present, you will definitely want to take a look at your medications and make sure that they do not have a side effect that will lead to cardiovascular disease or erectile dysfunction.

Edema – Another common cause of erectile dysfunction is a build up of fluids in the body. This can be caused by a number of things. Usually, when there is an underlying vascular disease present, there is going to be a build up of fluid in the penis. However, if it is edema related, there is a possibility that too much fluid can cause impotence. Therefore, you will want to talk to your doctor or the ED treatment physicians in Tampa called Prestige Men’s Medical Center to determine what treatments and medications are available to treat your edema.

The causes of impotence are many and varied. There is no one single reason that all men experience erectile dysfunction. However, many times, the treatments for those causes will help to relieve or eliminate erectile dysfunction as well. You will want to consult with your doctor to determine which treatment is best for you based on the particular causes that you may have.

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